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Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866 in London, England. Her parents, Rupert and Helen Potter both possessed some artistic interest. Her father devoted himself to photography and art even though he was educated to be a lawyer. Her mother was very accomplished in water colors and embroidery.

Her family was wealthy and famous artists and writers came to the house to visit. Beatrix was able to meet many of them. Six years later, Beatrix’s brother, Bertram was born.

Every summer the family would take vacations to Scotland and the Lake District in England. Beatrix and her brother loved to meander through the meadows and fields studying all the animals.

Beatrix loved to read and many books she read as a young girl motivated her to write her books later in life. Reading was not
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Realizing their daughter’s innate talent her parents enrolled Beatriz at the age of 12 at the new National Art Training School. Five years later, Beatrix received her Art Grade Student certificate.

Beatrix began her writings by sending illustrated letters to the children of a former governess. She sent a story in letter form about four rabbits called Mopsy, Flopsy, Cottontail and Peter. According to historical records, this was the source of the The Tale of Peter Rabbit which was published through the Tales series in 1902. A total of 23 books authored by Miss Potter was published through this series. In 1921, The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published in Braille at her request.

Beatriz dreamed of owning her own business in addition to being an author. She was very intuitive and she instinctively knew people would buy things if those items were associated with the stories she was writing. She herself designed a Peter Rabbit doll and then gave her permission for other things to be created. So on board games, tea sets, wallpaper and beautiful figurines were produced and marketed to her reading

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