Miss Maudie : A Comprehensive Analysis Essay

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Miss Maudie: A Comprehensive Analysis
“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty-they merely move it from their faces into their hearts” (Martin Buxbaum). This quote can be related to the character Miss Maudie Atkinson from To Kill a Mockingbird. In this book Miss Maudie’s younger life is not discussed in detail. Harper Lee has created Miss Maudie in such a way that it could be assumed that Miss Maudie was a very beautiful young lady, given her sweet disposition. That beauty in her character then transferred to her heart. Miss Maudie’s way of expressing this beauty is through her garden. Her tenderness is conveyed through her constant tending to the garden, and her pleasant character is shown by her willingness to talk with her neighbors. One of the families in particular appreciates her company: The Finch family. In this household, Atticus is the father, Jem the son, and Scout the daughter. Scout, being the youngest and only female, is the most intrigued with Miss Maudie. She will go over and sit on Miss Maudie’s porch and chat Miss Maudie’s ear off. Other times Scout will play in Miss Maudie’s front yard. Miss Maudie enjoys these things, which makes her liked in the reader’s eye. Miss Maudie’s portrayal in the novel fixates on her sense of morality. Preferring to view everyone without prejudice is a major component in her character development. Coupled with her persevering sense of optimism, Miss Maudie is a character that is hard to hate.


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