Miss Julie Drama Analysis

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Throughout high school I had always had a fascination with live performances of any kind whether they be band performances, talent shows, karaoke nights as goofy as that sounds, and even plays. As such I thought seeing a live performance of Miss Julie at the Arkansas Tech Theatre would lighten my spirits and shine a light on some the young talent in the world that happens to live next door to myself. What was performed on that stage far passed any expectation, any standard, and definitely wiped any doubts I had. Upon first entering the theatre my mood was of course a little down because I was stuck in the mindset that I was just here because I had to for a class. It is a rough thing to be honest about but it was how I felt at first. My …show more content…
I am not sure about most people, but reading old English, especially Shakespeare, never quite registered in my mind and I would always find myself confused as to what was happening. What I managed to pull out of the story was that there were three main characters concerned and they were each having to deal with inner struggles of not belonging, oppression, plain depression, and bad relations between the other two characters.There was Miss Christine who appears to be a maid or at least a housefriend of the owner seeing as she does most of the cooking, cleaning, and caretaking of the residents. Then there is Mr. Jean who dresses as a man of high caliber, wearing some of the finest suit wear I have ever seen and speaking with a voice and body language that screams control and formality. Then there is Miss Julie who dresses a step above Christine, wearing a fine woven dress that appeared to be made out of smooth silk or polyester and boots that clacked on the floor with each and every step. Not to mention she also talked to everyone as if they were just mud on her boots or toys for her to manipulate. If there was any character who seemed so sure of themselves and their social ranking, which is ironic for later on in the play, it was Miss Julie. Personally I thought that the people behind the characters fit their roles perfectly as you could see them putting in a lot of effort and passion into the play. I actually found myself impressed at how rich the story seemed to be, I had honestly never really seen a performance this raw and well put

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