Media Representation Of The Gay Community

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When it comes down to it, the media has a huge impact on society’s view on certain aspects in life or can create predisposed ideas of a certain person or people. The media is manipulated to create a sort of propaganda against something, as an outlet of entertainment, or a place to inform the general population about what is occurring in the world. I chose the topic of the misrepresentation of the LGBTQ community in the media because it reinforces stereotypes people have about the gay community and it creates misconceptions about gay culture and other aspects in the community which cause harm to the members of the LGBTQ community outside of the media. Many shows today, not sponsored by or affiliated with any gay friendly media outlets, although …show more content…
Throughout the world there is also a belief that gay males do not seek love, they just want physical pleasure. In a recent Calvin Klein add for both female and male jeans, they targeted the gay community with an advertisement of 2 people of the same sex with a text conversation that consists of meeting up to “hook up” perpetuating this belief of homosexuals being very hypersexual. With the hypersexual stereotype many shows use that concept and have many rape scenes when it comes to the gay characters, which ultimately embeds the hypersexual activity. Branching from the hypersexual activity, there is the AIDS epidemic that seems to be revolving over the fact that people believe most gay people have AIDS and only gay people have AIDS which are both false. With a misconception as huge as creating the gay male or female to be hypersexual, it makes sense for gay marriage to take as long as it did to finally be accepted as a right by the United States government.
Queer sex is represented as “wrong” or “passionate less”, but in all essence it is an act of love between two people who are in an intimate moment, a moment they share with one another, just like a heterosexual couple experiences. In television and movies, heterosexual sex is subtly cued in or even exposed and there seems to be not much of a dispute whether or not that should be allowed, but when a mention of queer sex or queer love is put out there, there is a riot at every broadcasting station trying to air

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