How Does Myrtle Wilson Mature In The Great Gatsby

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Happy Daze Ever since the evolution of man and becoming more developed as organisms people have deceived the idea of what it truly means to be human. Through The Great Gatsby, Set During the Jazz Age in Long Island and New York, the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald shows that even in the 1920’s people have been distorted by artificial desires and misguided values. revealing with the characters of Myrtle and George Wilson, who show what happens when innocent people of a working class get mistreated by twisted people with more power. As well as Tom and Daisy Buchanan portraying the affect wealth and money have on people, while also exemplifying through Jay Gatsby the dangers of a mislead dream. Fitzgerald’s purpose of this novel is to condemn characteristics in American Society such as the negligence of a class system, the corruption of wealth and the decay of the American dream. The Great Gatsby draws out the idea of how a class system can tear apart one 's humanity when people think of themselves as more important than others and take advantage of the innocence a person has. As Myrtle Wilson takes advantage of the love that her husband, George Wilson, has for her, because she knows that he is blinded by love. Since he could never provide the riches and materials she feels that she was always supposed to have, …show more content…
While illustrating that the worst force in the world is carelessness and apathy, as well as Revealing the truths about human nature, something that doesn’t change over time. But it’s never too late to see the wrongs in civilization, and be able to turn away from all the mislead desires and distractions to change society in order to live a life to be proud

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