Misery Chastain In Stephen King's Carrie

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Register to read the introduction… He worked as a janitor until he finally got a job as an English teacher. Money was still tight until he caught a break. He wrote on his spare time and one of his stories, Carrie, was the first story that made his name known. His wife took it out of the garbage and he then published it with the help of Doubleday in 1974. He received $2,500 for it. However money was still not easy until Doubleday sold the rights to Carrie to New American Library for $400,000. King received half. He rejoiced and bought his wife a hairdryer. This allowed Stephen to focus completely on writing and becoming an author, full time. His mother, Nellie, died shortly after learning of the sale of Carrie. Three years after it was sold to New American Library, Carrie was made into a movie, which was also a …show more content…
She eventually reveals herself to be a maniacal fan of his whose life revolves around Misery Chastain, a character in many of Sheldon’s books. The story scares many readers into believing that being normal and unrecognized can be a good thing, keeping people away from crazed fans like Annie Wilkes. King recognizes that being normal is much better than being famous. His lifestyle shows this just as much as the book does. He lives with normal clothing, no flashy jewelry, or anything like that. King uses Sheldon to describe a bad circumstance of being famous. He shows readers the dangers with a crazy fan. Annie Wilkes is the occasional crazy person famous people have to deal with, but sometimes it can just get out of hand, like in …show more content…
He shows readers a horrible but completely possible situation where an insane fan captures and keeps a famous person hostage. This is shown in the many times that Paul Sheldon wishes he was dead or just anything else, but not at Annie Wilkes’s house. “Please, God, please – let me out of this or kill me… let me out of this or kill me.” (King 69). This celebrity is in this horrible situation and it was caused, completely out of luck, but it was because he is famous. Just realizing that there is a person in the world willing to harm you or kidnap you because of your stardom or your talent in a certain area is scary to readers. It helps them be okay with their “status” as normal people. King enjoys being a normal person and tells readers in Misery, that it is okay to be normal, to not envy these famous people because your life is valued just as much as theirs. Readers can see how their lives are great even though they are not famous. King scares the readers to be okay with this fact and he does help them. Some people can read this book and have more self worth for themselves. King showed how a regular lifestyle is not the worst thing in the

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