Pros And Cons Of Lucid Dreaming

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Chapter 2 Misconceptions on Lucid Dreaming

Dreams are either funny, entertaining, or hopeful. On the other side of the coin, it could scare one intensely. Lucid dreaming is relatively new and what is new is usually held suspect. It is therefore expected to have all sorts of misconceptions about lucid dreaming. Before one can embark on learning how to have lucid dreams, these misconceptions need clarification.
Below are some of the misconceptions that hinder one from seriously learning lucid dreaming:
• Being in a state of paralysis while in dream state, or what is known as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis often occurs when having terrifying dreams. Dreams appear real to the dreamer and if the dreamer sees demons lurking, this affects
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Never fear for on closer reflection and inspection of the dream world, some weirdness in the dream environment is likely to show itself. Look around and observe details in the dream environment. One would notice an incongruity with reality, like having hands that glow or seeing someone one knows is in another part of the world. This waking up is referred to as false awakening, when you wake up in your dream and actually feels like you are awake and become conscious of the fact that you awake in a dream.

• Failing to rest while in a lucid dream is an erroneous belief. Lucid dreaming does not make one lose sleep or get that needed rest. In both dreams, regular or lucid, the brain is more active than when awake, but this is not what makes a dreamer tired or euphoric. The dreamer can counteract negative dreams or bask in pleasant dreams. It is, therefore, the content of the dream that makes the sleeper lose sleep or wake up energized and not the act of lucid dreaming
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The usual reaction of those who hear the term for the first time is one of doubt. Doubt of its existence. Historical records would show that lucid dream as a concept and its practice has existed since early history. Recently, researches on lucid dreaming by experts in psychology and other related fields have increased and by several methods shown the existence of lucid dreams. The disbelief comes from those who are ignorant of the term or are not aware of the kind of dream they are having.

• Lucid dream prevent the dreamers from getting the hidden messages in dreams. Contrary to this belief, lucid dreams aid dreamers in aid in revealing hidden messages to dreamers. This is due to the capacity of dreams to recall dreams vividly and reflect on what the dream is all about. For an experienced lucid dreamer, they let the dream take its course while being fully conscious of the dream.

• Lucid dream come only to gifted persons. While it s true, lucid dream is rare in that only one out of five people and only 20% experience lucid dreams in the course of a lifetime, it is not exclusive to a particular class of people. Anybody can experience lucid dream and undergo training and practice to master lucid

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