Essay on Misconceptions of Childcare

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After another exhausting day at the daycare center, my mother trudges through the door, lets her bags hit the floor, and sighs loudly. “It’s useless trying to talk to these parents sometimes,” she exclaims to no one in particular. “I had another say, ‘I don’t have to listen to you. You people are basically only professional babysitters.’ I do much more than just babysit.” Everyone in the room, having heard this several times before, nod their heads sympathetically but do not actually think about what they are hearing. For a while, I simply followed what the adults did and agreed with everything my mother said. But once I got older, curiosity started to settle in. Since daycare teachers have to receive hours of training, they are …show more content…
In some cases, even center’s brightly painted brick walls are a result of working overtime. Such projects can range from being completed in a few hours to taking several days before all the components are ready. What’s more, the workers put substantial work into making the building’s interior presentable as well.
Imagine a daycare classroom where cots were scattered carelessly across the floor and toys were placed around the room in no particular order. Not only would the room look dysfunctional but it would also be hazardous for children. Now instead, imagine a room where everything is sectioned off into logical stations and there is plenty of room to walk; each portion of the room is appropriately decorated with an ABC chart close to the bookshelf and previous art projects hanging near the tables. Naturally, the second example sounds extremely more appealing than the first. But the room in the second example would not be able to exist without the dedicated hands of a daycare teacher. In most cases, teachers are responsible for how their classrooms are presented. Classrooms do not look pleasant because the workers were forced to make it look that way or because some decorating team did all the work; the teachers deserve the credit. They make certain that the rooms are not only properly arranged but that they also maintain their appearance. When a child decides to damage a wall chart or

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