Misconceptions And Speculations About Autism Essay

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Misconceptions and Speculations about Autism
Write an “ignorance paper”. Given a disease or contemporary issue, find out and report on what is not known about this topic. Prove your points through your research.

What do you make of autism spectrum disorder? Many people do not know what to make of it, especially since there is not much information on its causation and cure, explaining why mothers are often nervous trying to locate developmental delays. Studies focus predominantly on the methods of educating autistic children because of its complexity rather than the causes and cures. But of the studies that have been performed, conclusions have been made that have led to a whole range of untruthful or partially truthful conceptions. Here are just some notable and widespread claims: Autism has been discovered relatively recently, autism is a mental disorder, vaccines cause autism, autism is caused by poor parenting, autism is caused exclusively by environmental factors, autistic individuals are often violent, autistic individuals are unable or uninterested in developing meaningful social relationships, all autistic individuals have savant abilities, all autistic individuals have mental disabilities, autistic individuals with autism are cold and lack empathy, autism can be cured, and treatments and therapies work for all autistic patients. The amount of these well-known but largely untrue facts pays tribute to the need for more research; this study will address the…

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