Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery

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There is a lot of Misconception and lack of understanding that exists among the general public and prospective patients about bariatric surgery. Most of these misconceptions really have no basis and they are often founded on ignorance and falsehood. We are taught to fear and avoid what we cannot understand.

And this general lack of knowledge about bariatric surgery hinders a lot of people who would benefit immensely from these weight loss procedures from seeking help.

In this article, Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Nagi Jean Safa aims to demystify bariatric surgery and provide information that will help anyone who is considering weight loss surgery as a treatment option for their obesity or related complications.

Weight-loss Surgery is a Short-cut:
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Although research shows that most people who tend to drink too much after weight loss surgery have had issues with alcohol before their surgery, it is still important to be careful. Your health will thank you!

Obesity is not a Disease: YES IT IS

Many people still believe that obesity is not a disease and overweight and obese people should just eat better and stop being lazy. This is the saddest falsehood. Obesity is in fact a serious disease that is linked to many other serious health complications that ultimately cause premature death.

Everyone’s body is genetically different and this is why some people eat the same amount of food portions as the average person but still add on a lot of weight. It is the same reason why other people do not seem to add any weight at all regardless of what they eat.

Patients Develop Serious Nutrient Deficiencies after Bariatric Surgery:
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At Advanced BMI our weight-loss surgical team , includes a nutritionist experienced in weight-loss nutrition; who will walk you through the whole surgical process. That means before, during and after surgery.

Bariatric Surgery is Only Advisable for Adults: NO, FOR ADOLESCENT ALSO

There is a huge misconception that children cannot undergo weight-loss surgery. Research shows that teenagers who undergo bariatric surgery benefit from a reduced amount of blood fats. They are also able to lose and maintain their weight-loss. Another study estimated that eight years, after bariatric surgery, an obese teen will shed off more than 30% of their body weight.

You Can’t Get Pregnant After Weight-Loss Surgery: YES YOU CAN

The truth is that obese women often have more fertility problems than women with average weight. In addition, they are also much more likely to experience complications in pregnancy including preeclampsia, hypertension, gestational diabetes, birth defects and miscarriages.

The only reason why women of childbearing age are advised to wait between a year and a year and a half after surgery to conceive is because the pregnancy is likely to interfere with their weight-loss during this

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