Mis 535 Final Exam Latest 2014 - Keller Essay

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MIS 535 Final Exam Latest 2014 - Keller

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Product Description

(TCO A) Which of the following decisions require knowledge based on collaboration and interaction? (Points : 4)

(TCO A) The costs for firms operating on a global scale have been drastically reduced by (Points : 4)

(TCO B) Which of the following businesses use the market creator business model? (Points : 5)

(TCO B) ________ are visual tools for presenting performance data in a BI system. (Points : 5)

(TCO C) The type of logical database model that treats data as if they were stored in two-dimensional tables is the (Points : 4)

(TCO C) A field identified in a
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(Points : 25)

(TCO B) Describe four types of application that are especially well-suited for mobile-commerce (Points : 20)

(TCO B)You are evaluating BI software from a variety of vendors. Identify six elements in the BI environment. Use your understanding of the importance of these elements to formulate six questions to ask the vendor in order to determine how their software will interplay with your needs. (Points : 25)

(TCO B) You are advising the owner of Small town Computer, a new, local computer repair store that also builds custom computers to order. What competitive strategies could Small town Computer exert? Which ones will it have difficulty exercising? (Points : 25)

(TCO C) What types of relationships are possible in a relational database? Describe and give an example of each. (Points : 20)

(TCO C) If you were to design the new contracts database for a publishing house what fields do you anticipate needing? Which of these fields might be in use in other databases used by the company? (Points : 25)

(TCO C) Describe the ways in which database technologies could be used by an office stationery supply company to achieve low-cost leadership. (Points : 25)

(TCO D) What is cloud computing and how do you think its developments could impact businesses? (Points : 20)

(TCO D) How are RFID systems used in inventory control and supply chain management?

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