Mircoecoconomics 2 Wheeler Industry India Overview Essay

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In 1955, Automobile Products of India (API) started manufacturing scooters in India for the first time. Subsequently, with the easing of industrial policies, foreign players entered India in collaboration with local players. Honda Motors, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki entered into joint venture with Hero, Escorts, TVS and Bajaj respectively for manufacturing motorcycles in India. Piaggio entered into a technical collaboration with LML in for manufacturing scooters. Suzuki collaborated with TVS for a pie in the scooter market and so did Honda with Kinetic.
Over a period of time, the traditional metal bodied geared scooters were increasingly replaced by motorcycles on the back of improved technology, better fuel economy and style quotient. Of late, the colourful gearless scooters are witnessing faster growth in sales. Gearless scooters are preferred by youngsters and female population for short trips on account of style, lighter weight and hassle free commutation. The recent addition to the industry is the electric scooters, which is at a nascent stage and has limited target market.
At present motorcycles dominate the market, followed by gearless scooters.
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