Miranda Priestly, The Editor Of The Fictitious Runway Magazine

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The Devil Wears Prada movie showcases an autocratic leadership style in Miranda Priestly, the Editor of the fictitious Runway magazine. The movie begins with the hopeful and naive graduate student interviewing for a much coveted position as Miranda Priestley’s 2nd Assistant. This highly regarded position was within a fast paced and competitive organization and unfortunately, before our main character, Andrea, could be selected for the job she needed to run the obstacle course of the self-serving and somewhat indifferent leadership style of the 1st Assistant, Emily. In this plot, there are a multitude of leadership styles and characteristics that are identifiable throughout the movie displayed both by Miranda and her second assistant Andrea and even the transformational leadership stylings of the protagonist Andrea.
Of the three aforementioned characters, one may be led to believe that Miranda exhibited the most effective leadership style—she certainly displayed an unrivaled self-confidence. And though her employees were motivated, it seemed to be by fear and a desire to please her. With her constant negative criticism, she did not seem to instill that confidence in others. Miranda, however, was very effective in getting others to follow her mission, vision and her values. Her reputation was far-reaching within the fashion community. She was tough but she got the job done.
The 1st Assistant was not much more motivational, as she only wanted Andrea to be…

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