Miracles In The Bible

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Both testaments of the Christian Bible are rife with miracles. Seas are parted, rain is called for, the sick are healed, food falls from the sky, the dead are raised, and a woman conceives a child by the Holy Spirit. Miracles are so fundamental to the traditional Christmas story that it’s hard to imagine a faith that does not take them for granted in some form.
But miracles are also a perplexity to the modern mind. Personally, I have never seen a dead man raised, a storm stilled, or a virgin birth. I have never seen an oppressed people liberated by an act of God. I have never seen an illness disappear through prayer.
We have three options when considering miracles and their place in Christian faith:
Miracles happen. They happened in ancient
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Miracles of the sort told in the Christian Bible don’t happen anymore.
Miracles never happened the way they are described in the Christian Bible. All such stories are myths, lies, inventions, metaphors, or have some rational explanation that the authors of the Bible were unable to comprehend because of the limited scientific knowledge of that
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This mission would end predictably: with the brutal suppression of the movement by means of the public and macabre execution of its founder.
But somehow, against all logic, the movement endured. Spurred by the memory of the man they followed, Jesus’s supporters continued to fight for his vision throughout the Roman empire. The vision persists even today, buried under layers of doctrine and dogma, for anyone with ears to hear or eyes to see. Two thousand years later, the mission of Jesus is still being fought for around the world.
Paul wrote “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put away childish things.” It is time for us all to do as Paul did and put away the childish belief in magical miracles for the much more powerful and enduring miracle of Jesus Christ.
No fairy tales man’s imagination can create will ever come close to the very real miracle that a man born into the most inhumane of worlds presented to us a vision of humanity at its very

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