Essay on Mintzberg ( 1981 ) Type Two Types Of Adhocracy

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Mintzberg (1981) mentioned two types of Adhocracy, the first one is Operating Adhocracy, stressing on innovation between teams to tackle tasks creatively, unlike professional bureaucracy that applies standard programs as solution. Mixed structure blends operation and administration together to work. However, high vulnerability and uncertainty certainly encourage reconfiguration when organisation grows. Another one is Administrative Adhocracy, aiming on operating innovatively to serve itself. Operation is usually truncated by automation and out-contracted that separate from administration; automatic and complicated production gives support staff power over technical decisions.

This structure is adaptive, flexible and innovation-driven that popularize it nowadays. However, the disadvantage is high liaison devices’ cost due to intensive communication throughout organisation (Mintzberg, 1981).

Generally, Mintzberg pointed out the importance of correspondence of characteristics for each structure, and also prevalence, which is influential of choosing an appropriate structure.

2. Advance understanding beyond scientific management

In fact, Mintzberg’s contribution also furthers our knowledge about scientific management in some senses.

“Scientific management means knowing exactly what you want men to do and seeing that they do it in the best and the cheapest way”, Frederick Winslow Taylor, the founder of scientific management/Taylorism (Kumara and Sharma, 2000, p.39). It is…

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