Minnesota State And The State Of The North United States Essay

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Minnesota’s landscape
Minnesota is one of the many states of United States. It is located around the western region of the north United States of America. Survey research reveals that Minnesota is among United States’ largest states. The state is highly dependable by the Americans, especially when it comes to agricultural production. Minnesota’s development is what triggered me towards studying the state fully and ascertain how it really came to being, and how it has developed since it was established. Therefore, to comprehend the state’s being and development according to my study, consider the paragraphs below broadly.
As a geographer, I decided to study Minnesota and all that is in it. To have a broader view and study of its landscape, I had to travel there personally and use my skills and information as a geographer. Historical census reveals that Minnesota is a state with a population of thirteen million people. Minnesota is broadening over an average geographical region of 84,406 square miles. This includes 77,5486square miles of all the surrounding area and 1,857 square miles of all inland water area. Minnesota came to acquire its shape through the numerous farming revolutions of agriculture, which have been put in place since the state’s establishment. These include transfer of soils from the Northern part to the Southern region, importation of soils with numerous nutrients from other countries like Kenya and Australia, and expanding of its boundaries due to…

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