Mining the Data Warehouse Essay

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Mining the Data Warehouse
In “Mining the Data Warehouse”, It speaks of a survey done by Merrill Lynch back in 2006. It tells us that “business intelligence software and data-mining tools were at the top of CIOs’ technology spending list” (Baltzan, Hag, Phillips 87). It gives a few examples of how companies are using the software and tools to gain very valuable information. When Ben & Jerry’s is mentioned, people know the brand and immediately think of ice cream. “Ben & Jerry’s cuts through the din by using integrated query, reporting, and online analytical processing technology from BI software vendor Business Objectives” (Baltzan, Hag, Phillips 87). They use the technology to track each pint’s ingredients throughout its
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This allowed them six extra days to actually review all the results. The Noodles & Company has 70 restaurants throughout nine states. Before the first phase was implemented with Cognos, they spent days collecting information from various departments to compile reports. They implement Cognos to improve standards for reporting and to communicate information as it occurs. Since the implementation of the first phase, it gives them a full view of the reporting daily. The new system allows them many capabilities and leverages opportunities. The tools from Cognos can pull a variety of information from operational and other systems needed for their daily operations.
Question #1 Ben & Jerry’s really know how useful and important the BI tools are to their success and competitive advantage over all their competition. They use the tools to depict their strengths and weaknesses. They gather all the information, analyze the information, and then respond to ensure they are operating at their best. To sustain the competitive advantage, they realize the importance of the BI tools and enablers. Probably the most significant of the enablers is technology. Technology gives them insight on variables that are so important to manage operations of their company. People and understanding them is another important enabler. It allows you to gain insight and then make the insights a

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