Minimum Wage : Wage And Wage Essay

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Minimum Wage Wars
Many people in our society work for minimum wage pay and the working class wants to raise that, so people working minimum wage can have better lives. In the editorial “Statewide $15 minimum wage would dump many low-wage workers onto welfare” by The Orange County Register, the author argues that if minimum wage is increased people will go on welfare. They claim that raising minimum wage will hurt the american economy rather than help it. In the editorial “You Deserve a Raise Today. Interest Rates Don’t.” by The New York Times the author argues the opposite, they claim minimum wage will help people boost productivity and help raise the living standards of most americans. Both of the articles have well thought out claims and facts to backup their arguments, but in the editorial “Statewide $15 minimum wage would dump many low-wage workers onto welfare” is a stronger editorial that convinces the reader to think twice before raising the minimum wage because it shows more emotion while the other article is more bland this make the orange county editorial more convincing than the New York editorial.
In the editorial by The Orange County Register the author uses a sarcastic tone, which makes the editorial more interesting and entertaining. While The New York Times editorial uses a more serious tone it is more straightforward and factual it just makes the editorial a little more bland. The Orange County Register editorial uses a sarcastic tone at the end of the…

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