Minimum Wage : The War On Terror Essay

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Looking around at the news these days there will be a couple of topics that are bound to catch one’s eyes: Ebola, the war on terror, and surprisingly enough, minimum wage. Apparently, there is an ongoing complaint by some workers in the minimum wage job industries. Their complaint is that they cannot live off of seven and a quarter dollars an hour and demand that their wages be escalated to anywhere from nine to ten dollars an hour. In the short-term, raising the minimum wage rate will definitely help these people working these jobs; one cannot deny that they can’t live off of their current wages. However, in order to accurately assess this problem we need to look at the job as a whole and see if the effects of changing the minimum wage will be worth the time and effort in the long run.
First of all, what sort of jobs are minimum waged jobs? Minimum wage jobs are simple jobs that even a person who is in high school and some people with special needs are able to work. The reason that the jobs are the lowest paid jobs in the economy is because they are the ones that require the least amount of knowledge and skills, whereas the highest paid jobs are usually the ones that require more effort, knowledge, and skills to be able to obtain and succeed. Minimum wage jobs, albeit very important and useful job category, are put out there for people who are just starting out and are not expected to be fully supporting themselves and especially are not expected to raise a family off of…

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