Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised Essay

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In today’s day and age, many of our life 's decisions and outcomes are heavily influenced by our financial status. The amount of money people make can affect their living and quality of life that they will have for them and their family. Although there are many different jobs that offer a good income not everyone is able to reach those due to everyone 's unique reasons. However, working at a minimum wage job is always a good starting point to start earning some money and eventually progress. Minimum wage jobs pay their employees the lowest amount of money that the state sets the lowest amount too. The wage is usually set quite lower compared to other jobs because the skill needed is usually low as well. Although the minimum wage is low due to its low need of skills, some people argue that there should be a raise in the minimum wage because people are not able to live off of the minimum wage. The minimum wage should not be raised to high because it will have negative effects, a balance should be made. Some of the repercussions are that small businesses will have to be closed down, businesses will reduce employee hours to justify for raise in wage, and the cost of overall living can increase as well.

One of the first reasons why the minimum wage should not be raised to high is because of the consequences that it will have on small businesses. Small business will be forced to shut down because as a small business, they do not have enough profits to pay their employees…

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