Minimum Wage Should Be Raised Essay

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In the United States of America, every state has its own minimum wage law. The federal minimum wage law for every state is $7.25 an hour. From time to time, states will reevaluate their minimum wage. Some states may go higher and other will remain constant. Many hard working people are unable to survive at their states minimum wage. For several reasons the minimum wage for all states should be raised. The minimum wage law exists to protect Americans against unfair pay rates. If the rate they receive cant even put food on a family 's table, then the wage may need to be raised. Abby Sewell quotes Ms. Flores "employee who earns $9 an hour and spoke at the Monterey Park forum. Flores said it 's not enough to keep her family afloat. I 'm a single mother, and it 's really hard for me to support a 5-year-old with $9 an hour." (Sewell). As the economy changes rates may also need to be changed. When the minimum wage is raised, more people will spend money on other companies goods and services which is good for the economy. When the economy is doing well, the prices of goods and services will go up and this would also support a need to raise the minimum wage. In the United States, laws exist to protect the people and by not raising the minimum wage, this leaves many families in poverty. When a law no longer protects our citizens, we need to reconsider the law and change it. As times change so must the laws we live by. This country, along with its economy is constantly changing. With…

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