Essay about Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

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Since 1938, the minimum wage has been raised several times; usually it would occur almost every year, sometimes it would happen three or four years later. But now, it hasn’t changed for the past five years. In 2007, the minimum wage was $5.85; in 2008 it was raised to $6.55, and then again in 2009, it was raised to $7.25. It is now the year 2014, and the minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour. A full-time worker who is paid the minimum wage would make an annual income of $15,080. Most of the individuals working low-wage jobs are over the age of twenty and trying to support a family; this is not a sufficient amount of money to make ends meet. The minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour; this is called the “living wage.” The "living wage” is the amount of money a worker needs to make to be able to support their family. A full-time worker paid $15 an hour annual income would raise to an average of $30,000. Many companies are against raising the wage to $15 because they say that they can’t afford to pay their employees more. Although they say this, their CEO’s income has increased 825% and their employees’ income has only increased 5.4%. In the past, wage and productivity came hand in hand; both of them would increase- but then it changed. Employees became more and more productive, but their paychecks weren’t increasing; individuals in the top 1% claim the money that should be paid to the employees. Therefore, companies can afford to pay their employees more; they just…

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