Minimum Wage Should Be Raised Or Not? Essay

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Minimum wage
Minimum wage is the least wages that employers are supposed to pay the employees. It also refers to the lowest values at which the employees are expected to sell their labor. Various nations throughout the world have adopted the minimum wage laws. The issue of minimum wage has been a controversial one in for many decades. This is a global problem because heated debates have existed on whether the minimum wage should be raised or not. The people who support laws concerning minimum wage argue that it raises the living standards of the employees, helps the economy and alleviates poverty. The opponents assert when the minimum wage is increased, the unemployment rates are increased, and this favors the high skilled employees at the cost of low-skilled ones. Despite these debates, scholars have never reached an amicable solution regarding the issue. Many people argue that when minimum wages are increased, countless people will benefit. These individuals do not even look at the two sides of the issue. They do not think about the disadvantages of raising the average minimum wage. Overall, many people believe that individuals are only supposed to make the adequate amount of income without looking at the consequences of the situation. Since the issue of minimum wage has done more harm that benefits to the American society, the solution to the problem is to introduce programs such as Earned Income Tax Credit program and child tax program, training the workers, enacting…

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