Essay on Minimum Wage Should Be Increased

761 Words Nov 8th, 2015 4 Pages
The minimum wage should be increased because a lot of people are suffering from low pay to make ends meet. The total of money companies is paying employees today is not enough. A lot of companies are making a profit from their employees; they simply don’t want to pay them because they know if one of the people working for them quits, they are going to find ten more desperate people who would do anything to have this job. Today, it is extremely important to raise the minimum wage because the insufficient wage is too low, it causes parents to work two jobs, also companies should raise salary high enough to inspire people to go to work.
The insufficient wage is too low. I think the federal minimum wage is $7.25 and for Florida is $8.05. The minimum wage should be $12.00 per hour because it would help a lot of people who are in poverty. A large group of people who dedicate their lives, and their time to accomplish monthly income should get paid more than $8.05 per hour. For example, I work at Marlins Stadium they pay me $8.50 per hour and I barely work 30 hours a week. That is not fair because we make them look professional, so they should pay us at least $11.50 per hour. They just got another contract with the Marlins Stadium because we did a great job when we worked there. The fans like us; the way we formed and met them, make them feel welcome. How would someone who works low income and insufficient of hours afford a place to stay and food to eat. Now, people eager to work…

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