Minimum Wage Raise Debate Essay

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The minimum wage raises debate

There are some people says that the minimum wage should be raise, but don’t know how the raise would affect the business they are working in. on June 25, 1938 president franklin Roosevelt created the fair labor law act which made the federal minimum wage. The minimum wage continues to be used in today workplace for business to be able to pay their employees a livable wage, but today living expense increase made a lot of employees want a higher wage, so they can lice their lifestyle, but I that the minimum wage shouldn’t be raise until they can afford to give their employees a pay raise.
When the businesses raise the minimum wage raise, it will be a lot of cut back, such as hours being cut and employees being fried as a result of the pay raise. The first point is that the business would have to look in the account records to see if they can afford to give their employees a raise. All the employees want a raise, but don’t know the business account record to see if the business can afford
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My first suggestion is that the employees should get another job, so they can get the raise they want. The second suggestion is that they should go back to school, so they can learn a new trade to get the new job that will pay more than their current job because their current job won’t be to pay you the wage they want that why going back to school will be a good decision to do. The third suggestion is that you have to get an extra job, or work extra to get the money you want because the wage increase would take a long time to be process, and the extra work will do you some good to your body, and keep you busy by working long good hours. The minimum wage raise will have no effect on employees getting more money on their paychecks because the business would have to cut hours, or have to fire some people because the wage was

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