Essay about Minimum Wage Is Important For A Lot Of People

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Raise The Wage

If you have worked a minimum wage job, then this paper is something that you will relate to. The big question is should states raise the minimum wage to $15 or higher. People feel like they work hard enough to earn more than what they are getting, some people get jobs instead of careers and me personally I would not want a job for all of my life. If a person did not do well in the educational period of their life, maybe a minimum wage job is all they can get. People have families and a family of 4 can not just live off of a minimum wage paycheck. In this paper you will find out why minimum wage is important to a lot of people. The reasons why this is the topic for this paper is endless, but here are 3 reasons why.Some people believe that $7.25 is a good enough wage, I believe otherwise. If the minimum wage hits a hike, it would help hard workers, it would help reduce poverty, unemployment, and it could affect the economy in a positive way.

Decreasing Unemployment is one of the many reasons why the minimum wage should be raised. If the minimum wage is raised, it would reduce income inequality and poverty while boosting growth without increasing unemployment. ¨Raising the minimum wage is good economics, good policy, and good for workers.¨ This supports the topic because it states some of the pros of raising the minimum wage. If employees get paid more, they are less likely to quit their jobs. The reason why they are less likely to quit their jobs, is…

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