Minimum Wage And How It Affects People And The Living Status Of The People Living

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Recently in class we discussed minimum wage and how it affects people and the living status of the people living on minimum wage. Minimum wage is something in the United States that will always cause conflict not only between citizens and government but also between people and their relationships with the ones they love and would like to have in their lives. Minimum wage was created by the Government to ensure a baseline standard of living, reduce the poverty in the United States and Promote economic growth in the workforce. The government believed that by setting a minimum wage it would give the lower class or working class people an equal chance to accomplish the same goals as the middle and upper class. However, with the current minimum wage most people today cannot survive or receive the basic needed materials to live the American Dream. Due to the fluctuating economy in the united states, the minimum wage would need to change almost every week or month to keep up with the increase in living. The main problem with the cost of living raising is that the minimum wage stays at the same level and does not provide an adequate amount of money for people to live fully. The United States created the minimum wage to reduce poverty but if they do not change the minimum wage when the economy changes then they are not fixing the problem they went sought out to fix. The difference between minimum wage and living wage is that living wage is what’s needed for an individual to fully…

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