Essay on Minimum Wage, And Free College

888 Words Dec 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyone wants free stuff but at what cost? It seems to me that most people today want a hand out in one way or another. Two of the biggest issues I feel are in Minimum wage, and free college. Minimum wage is set as a base wage for workers without a trade, and not meant for someone that has a career. Free college is not a feasible option for this country but there are plenty of options to find a way to get into college. Everyone wants more, although that doesn’t mean you deserve it.
Minimum Wage. Should it be increased? I feel that it should, but not at the rate that people want it to. There is a large movement to change minimum wage across the country, but I know in my home state of Arizona it has passed. The minimum wage was about eight dollars. After the most recent vote in November, minimum wage was voted to be raised to twelve dollars an hour. I feel that this is not good for our economy or just as a society to progress. Minimum wage jobs are meant for people with minimum skill to be able to do but not to live off. By making the minimum wage twelve dollars you are essentially smacking anyone in the face that has worked hard to get to that twelve-dollar mark. If everyone makes twelve dollars an hour, then people that previously made the same will also need an increase in pay to off-set the pay. If that does not happen then thousands of people essentially receive a demotion. So, to increase the people with the minimum wages pay you must now increase everyone else’s pay.…

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