Minimum Wage : An Unnecessary Waste Of Time Essay

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The liveable wage movement is an unnecessary waste of time. It is a waste of time because of the consequences following raising the livable wage. Some of these consequences include; inflation, the loss of jobs, an increase of high school dropouts, and a lack of motivation to obtain a higher paying job. People fail to realize that a minimum wage job is for high school and college students to gain work experience, not to support a family on.
What is livable wage, and is it the same as minimum wage? Minimum wage and livable wage go hand in hand, in most cases they are the same thing. Livable wage can be described as the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet their basic needs, and minimum wage is the bare minimum a state pays its workers. They walk hand in hand with each other. A living wage is based on a person’s annual income. All in all, minimum wage and living wage rely on eachother, like a mother and child relationship. To begin, the livable wage movement is a waste of time, due to inflation. Inflation is the process of raising the prices of goods and services. The article “Inflation Explained – Definition, Examples and Causes” gives multiple examples of how inflation has increased the price of multiple things. One example would be “ In January of 1988, the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics, indicates that a loaf of white bread cost approximately 59¢. In January of 2013, that same loaf of bread cost $1.42. Thus, in the…

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