Minimum Wage : A Staple Of The United States Economy Essay

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Abstract Minimum wage in my opinion is a staple of the United States economy. It was first used in the United States in nineteen thirty-eight, and at that time the minimum wage was twenty-five cents, which at the time had the same value as four dollars now (Department). The guidelines it provides helps to keep pour economy running, but it doesn’t benefit everyone. The lack of unity between states when it comes to this economical aspect is a critical factor in determining the wellbeing of the United States citizens. Overview As of July twenty-fourth, two thousand and nine the mandatory minimum wage in the United States was seven dollars and twenty-five cents per hour, for all nonexempt employees (Employees who work overtime or previously unscheduled shifts or hours) in the country (Minimum Wage). On average, a full-time worker makes fourteen thousand and five hundred dollars a year when being paid minimum wage (Raise). Given that it takes a primary provider in a household of four making almost sixteen dollars to have a moderately comfortable living situation it seems like it is illogical to have the minimum wage this low (Causes). With the United States economy still in the rebuilding stage after the recent recession, we need to take into consideration that there are people in our nation just getting by making only seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour (Krueger). The minimum wage should be raised all across our nation because it doesn’t make sense for someone…

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