Minimum Amount Of Sentence Time For The State Prison System Essay

1484 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
An increase in the indeterminate sentencing allowed would have a significant benefit to the state prison system population. Currently, the minimum amount of sentence time an offender must serve is 85% of their sentence (Ditton & Wilson, 1999). This minimum came from the relatively recent Truth-in-Sentencing program. I propose that this be altered so that offenders can earn more good time and must only serve a minimum of 60% of their sentence. This good time is available to all offenders and would be earned by the normal means of having good behavior and/or participating in programming that the offender is eligible for. I propose that the current system for earning good time such as the limits to good time earned per week not be changed, simply increase the amount that can be earned total.
Having more opportunity to earn time off their sentence, inmates have more incentive to comply with authority demands within the institution. This optimally would make the day to day operations of the institution run smoother than they do currently. This also gives more incentive to inmates to participate in programming which could benefit them and ideally reduce their recidivism when released. Additionally, there is a lack of evidence showing that longer prison sentences actually help deter crime. In fact, longer sentencing causes an increase in an elderly population within the system which is very costly to the government. Subsequently, it seems that giving incarcerated…

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