Mini Tuck Compare And Contrast

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How To Know If You Need A Full Or Mini Tummy Tuck

If you've tried to get a flat abdomen through exercise and dieting, but still have a pouch from too much skin or weak muscles, then a tummy tuck can probably help. A tummy tuck can reshape your figure in a way that dieting and exercise cannot. The question is whether you want a mini tuck or a full tummy tuck. Here's how the two differ.

Repairing Muscle Separation

If you have a torn or weak muscle above the belly button, you'll need a full tummy tuck. The muscles in this area can separate and get weak due to pregnancy or being overweight. Normally, tight muscles act like a girdle that holds your organs in place so your stomach appears flat. When the muscles are weak, your abdomen protrudes. During the tummy tuck operation, the doctor tightens your muscles so they offer better support and give you a flatter appearance. A mini tummy tuck only addresses muscles below the belly button and won't fix a pouch caused by separated
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This allows the doctor to access all the muscles of the abdomen and permits the removal of excess skin. You'll probably be left with a faint scar, but your doctor will position it so it is hidden by your underwear or bikini bottom. The reason mini tucks are so popular is that a much smaller incision is made, so the scar is less visible.

While you may prefer a mini tuck since it is a simpler procedure, you may not be a good candidate for it. The mini tuck works best as a muscle tightening operation for your lower abdomen. It can be combined with liposuction to further enhance your shape. A full tummy tuck is usually indicated if you have muscle separation in the upper abdomen or if you have excess skin to remove. Both procedures can drastically change your shape by giving you a flatter abdomen and shapelier curves when combined with

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