Mini Implants Advantages

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Hold Your Dentures In Place With Mini Implants

If you wish you could get implants to hold your dentures in place, but can't afford the cost or don't have enough bone, then you should talk to your dentist about getting mini implants. These are found to work just as well as the larger titanium rods, but they are easier to put in since they are smaller. Here are some of the benefits of mini implants

Not As Much Bone Is Needed

One problem with wearing dentures for a long time is the bone in your jaw begins to recede. If you don't have teeth roots in your bone to stimulate it, it gradually shrinks over the years. If you have worn dentures for a long time, then you may have too much bone loss to qualify for traditional implants unless you get
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The implant is inserted and given time to fuse with your bone. Then the abutment is added, and finally the implant is ready to attach to your dentures. By contrast, mini implants can be inserted and attached to your dentures the same day.

One reason this is possible is because of the small size of the titanium screw. Your dentist can insert it with a drill, and it is immediately stable and ready to attach to your denture plate. A mini implant is a solid screw with a ball on top that snaps into a clasp on your dentures. There is no need to add an abutment like is done with traditional implants. If your current dentures are in good shape, your dentist may be able to adapt them to fit onto the implants, so you won't have to buy a new set.

Because of these benefits, mini implants are usually less expensive. They eliminate the need for a bone graft, the procedure is simpler, the implant is smaller and has fewer pieces, and you may be able to use your current dentures. All these things lower the cost and hassle of getting implant dentures. If you've thought implants were not possible for you, ask your dentist about getting the mini variety to hold your dentures securely in your mouth. You'll appreciate being able to talk and eat without your dentures

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