Mini Case : Computron Industries Essay

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Mini Case 1: Computron Industries

Stephanie Walker
Averett University
Dr. Jeffrey Woo
Comprehensive Financial Management
May 2016

Mini Case 1: Computron Industries
In 2012, Computron Industries, a manufacturer of electronic calculators, has been going through some expansion and growth. Some factors of this growth have include new sales offices, doubling of plant faculties and an expensive advertising campaign. Implementation of the growth and strategic plan has been mismanaged by its administration under Robert Edwards, President and Chairman of the Board. Suppliers and lenders are being paid late, banks are complaining, and threating to cut off credit from lenders. Computron Industry’s stockholders are dissatisfied with these grievances and an overall unhealthy balance sheet. Gary Meissner, a retired banker, an former Computron Industries ' chairman and largest stockholder, was asked to help bring the company financial situation back into its formerly profitable company. Gary Meissner and the former chairman of the board’s assistant, Jenny Cochran, has been assigned to form a finance team to bring back the financial health of the company before the expansion of operating capacity of the Computron Industries.
The intent of this document is to identify the financial impact of this expansion to Computron, and determine if expansion has provided any Market Value Added, (MVA), for Computron…

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