Mineral Makeup Marketing Study Essay

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Table of Contents. BAREMINERALS

1. Executive Summary 2 2. Situation Analysis 2 2.1 Company and Product History 2 2.2 Product Evaluation 5 2.3 Consumer evaluation 7 3. Brand Positioning 8 3.1 Target audience 9 3.2 Target Market Specifications 9 4. IMC OBJECTIVES 10 5. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) 11 6. The Creative Strategy 12 7. The IMC Program 12 8. Advertising Schedule 15 9. Budgeting 16 10. Evaluation 16 15. References 18

1. Executive Summary
As the perfume, cosmetic and toiletry preparations industry entered the 1990s, it faced many challenges including regulatory changes, product safety concerns, increasing environmentalism, natural ingredients, pressure from the growing animal right
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The sale of cosmetics via the internet is gaining pace within Australia with sales expected to increase significantly in the future (IBIS, 2010).

Upstream technological advances in the manufacturing cosmetic industry are responsible for various innovations, developing new product categories including dermocosmetics and cosmeceuticals which are products containing active ingredients that are functional (IBIS, 2010). This can be evidenced in the specific example of our BareMinerals makeup, given the growing demand for age defying and/or appearance enhancing products, they often include ingredients which contain anti aging or anti-oxidant properties. The addition of value added extras (such as SPF or firming agents) is also proving to be an interesting development.

Today, the urban culture is “The culture”. The massive migration from the countryside to big cities has created a “new consumer” much more sophisticated, who has total online transparency. This new urban consumer is more aware about new products, prices, competitors, and spends more time researching about new products. Further more they are in direct touch with the new buyers and their online reviews posted on the social networks and blogs. In conclusion today urban society is more educated, sophisticated, green-minded, and competitive, thus pushing the businesses to adapt their trends to them (Kumar, 2005).

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