Essay on Mindfulness Is An Act Of Learning

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MINDFULNESS CURRICULUM Mindfulness is an act of learning to direct one 's attention to their experiences as they unfold in every moment, and accepting them with open-minded curiosity. It trains us to respond skillfully to whatever is happening at that moment, both good and bad things, instead of worrying about what might happen or what has happened (Katherine, 2012). Very remarkable alterations of the structures and functions of the human brains that improve the quality of both feeling and thought that are acquired through mindfulness practice have been shown through studies of the brain imaging. The main reasons why mindfulness should be taught in school is the fact that it improves the students ' mental well-being. Individuals who practice it has also shown significant improvements in several areas such as learning and cognition, physical and mental health, and emotional and social skills for both children and adults (Katherine, 2012). Unlike for the adults, very little research concerning the topic has been done for the young ones. The little research that have been done have also shown significant limitations in the methodology, including the use of small numbers and limited use of control groups. As expected, therefore, these have remarkably affected the authenticity of the conclusions drawn from such studies. However, statistic shows that rapidly increasing research is being done in this area and the results being attained are so much encouraging and shows…

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