Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction : Meditation And Bodily Awareness

1823 Words Dec 11th, 2016 8 Pages
Mindfulness is a state of moment by moment awareness, achieved by the mind when a person learns to successfully acknowledge their bodily sensations, feelings and thoughts without acting upon, judging or believing them. Much of Buddhist culture is tied in with mindfulness and mental repair as many traditions have strong links to this. When it comes to achieving mindfulness in the Buddhist sense, one must engage with religion as the process is considered to be a highly spiritual one. Although modern, western self help movements are predominantly secular, there is much that these movements can learn from nonwestern cultural traditions of mindfulness and mental repair, both religious and secular. MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) is one of the most famous contemporary, western self help programs which can be used for those suffering from pain and conditions of various kinds as well as general issues. This program incorporates mindfulness, yoga, meditation and bodily awareness in an attempt to aid the lives of those participating, enabling them to become more mindful. Although stemming from spiritual traditions and teachings, the program does not include religion as it is a secular movement. Despite this difference of secularity and spirituality, there are nonwestern traditions of mindfulness that are non-secular. Activities such as insight meditation retreats, pursuing a ‘being mode’ of living, eliminating aversion and minimalizing self hatred are all aspects of…

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