Mind Mapping Case Study

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2.8 Mind Mapping Strategy To shape the understanding of mind mapping technique, in the following section the researcher would explain about : the definition of mind mapping, the characteristics of mind mapping, the principles of teaching using mind mapping technique, how to implement mind mapping technique, and the advantages of mind mapping technique.
2.8.1 Definition of Mind Mapping
Mind Maps were popularized by author and consultant, Tony Buzan. He used a two-dimensional structure, instead of the list format conventionally used to take notes. According to Buzan (2002), mind mapping is a graphic representation of ideas (usually generated via a brainstorming session). It shows the ideas which are generated around a central theme and how
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Mind maps work especially well when created in groups, since the discussion this engenders aids the production of ideas, and makes the task livelier and more enjoyable.
Based on the explanation above, mind-mapping technique can make the students more creative and easy to understand what they read. They have also interest to learn by using mind-mapping technique.
2.8.2 The Characteristics of Mind Mapping
There are five essential characteristics of Mind Mapping based on Buzan (1993:2) :
a. The main idea, subject or focus is crystallized in a central image.
b. The main theme radiate from the central image as ‘branches’.
c. The branches comprise a key images or key word drawn or printed on its associated line.
d. Topics of lesser importance are represented as ‘twigs’ of the relevant branches.
e. The branches from a connected nodal
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Use key for every line because single key word given the power and flexible for mind mapping.
g. Use picture, it helps to remember information more effectively than word.
After reading the steps above, the researcher gets the conclusion that the map must be interesting, colorful and enjoyable to learn. So, the students can make mind map more creative.
3.8.5 The Advantages of Mind Mapping The advantages use Mind Mapping are: help the student as its more easily converted into a draft, then the student can see the relationship between ideas and encourages them to group certain ideas together as they proceed. In addition, the advantages use mind mapping will assist to brains ability to concentrate, allow the essence of the material to become evident, make connections between ideas easy to see, boost our confidence in our ability to learn. According Phail in Buzan (2007:36) Mind Mapping is useful for the number of those following reasons :
a. Information is organized in a logical, meaningful way which helps learners to : understand new knowledge and link it to their existing knowledge about the topic, memorize and recall topic knowledge.
b. Learners can express ideas freestanding in identifying key concepts in oral and written

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