Million Dollar Baby Analysis

The movie Million Dollar Baby (2004) directed by Clint Eastwood is famous athletic drama film, which female boxer, Margaret Fitzgerald (Maggie), endures an underdog moment. The term underdog means that a weaker person in society has a slighter chance of beating the stronger and larger competitor. Although, Maggie didn’t entirely win the championship match, she still fought for her dream. In the beginning, Maggie attends a regular boxing match and decides she wants to be trained by Frankie Dunn. He refuses to train her and says “Girlie, tough ain’t enough.” So, she signs up at the gym and goes on a daily basis. Maggie was poor, but she was a waitress, lived alone, and had nobody that supported her. On Maggie’s birthday, Dunn makes her a deal and starts training her. A manger named Sally got her the first fight, which Dunn appears at. She wasn’t doing so well and he was trying to coach her from above. Furthermore, he gives her instruction, permanently becomes her mentor, and she wins her first match. As she became a better fighter, Dunn declines a couple of title matches because he’s too scared to take a chance. Soon enough she fights for a title and raises plenty of money to buy a house for her mom. However, her family is very unfortunate and her mom cares more about her welfare. Eventually, Maggie makes it to the championship fight therefore she makes the contest fairly competitive. Unfortunately, her opponent gives her a cheap punch after a round, then plummets down and breaks her neck on a wooden chair. She’s now paralyzed and is placed in a …show more content…
She climbed to the very top of success where she brawled against the current championship female boxer. Maggie believed she had everything at that point and her last wish was to rest peacefully. She still wanted to hear people chant her name because even though she didn’t win, it was something she imaged and realistically became

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