Case Study: The Millennium Falcon

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The Millennium Falcon is one of the fastest ships in the Star Wars universe. It makes the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. This “hunk of junk” has outmaneuvered a fleet of TIE fighters through an asteroid field and, while most ships in Star Wars — from Imperial Star Destroyers to X-Wing fighters — are capable of faster-than-light travel, only the Millennium Falcon has the benefit of specialized care from Han Solo and his trusted copilot Chewbacca.

Like Han Solo, business professionals are the starship pilots of their organizations. They continuously look for the best and fastest vehicle to propel their companies toward success. In this hyperfast and customer-obsessed digital era, business professionals need to have their own Millennium
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Low-code platforms are application development environments that replace the tedious engines of traditional hand-coding with the hyperdrives that are visual point-and-click tools. These tools give business professionals the power to quickly build flexible and rapidly deployable cross-platform applications.

However, if low-code platforms are capable of faster-than-light travel, how then do businesses discern between the average transport shuttle and the blazing Millennium Falcon? Choosing the right low-code application development platform is crucial.

Take United Kingdom-based logistics company GEFCO, for example. It undertook a new project that proved to be more demanding than anything that it handled before. GEFCO needed a fast and efficient solution that would allow the company to process large-scale logistics data for major European automobile manufacturers.

On the other side of the world, the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) at San Diego Zoo Global was racing against time to find an efficient and secure platform to keep a record of all the rare plants and pollinators in America and hopefully save endangered plants from
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Analyst firms Forrester and Gartner attest to why Caspio is among the top technology platforms to address today’s digital business challenges.

Forrester reports that Caspio’s strength is the way its visual tools provide developers with a comprehensive and responsive experience. Forrester also states that the company’s growth track record and product investment remains strong, making it a low-code platform leader. Forrester rates Caspio with stellar scores in self-service enablement, pricing strategy, number of concurrent users and number of customers.

Meanwhile, Gartner commends Caspio for its ease of use and overall quality. Gartner reports that, with practically no involvement from IT professionals, Caspio’s visual point-and-click tools enable business users to design and create a variety of application interfaces and to customize their application’s styling and deployment. Gartner takes special note of Caspio’s Compliance Edition, reinforcing the security measures of cloud-based databases of its customers. It is SOC 3 and ISO 27001 Certified and PCI, HIPAA and FERPA

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