Millennials In The Workplace Reflection

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In the YouTube video “The Millennials in the workplace interview” By Simon Sinek, states that the Millennials need to learn Balance with their social media and physical life. Millennials meaning anyone who uses a cell phone or Social Media. Throughout the Interview, Simon is very Zealous, Empathetic, apologetic, and humorous. He uses Metaphors, they say I say, diction, and Parallel Structure.

I do agree with Simon about the Millennials needing to learn Balance with their social media and physical life because I also need to learn the balance between my social media life and physical life, I spend too much time on social media, I feel like I need to always post on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. I myself am not a Millennial, I am in Generation
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2 Technology. 3 Impatience. 4 Environment.” (2016), Simon states that Parents are the reasons the Millennials are feeling there is a missing piece, now the Millennials don’t know that missing piece, but it might be “impact”, because “millennials are wonderful, idealistic, hardworking smart kids who’ve just graduated school and are in their entry-level jobs and when asked “how’s it going?” they say “I think I’m going to quit.” And we’re like “why?” and they say “I’m not making an impact.” To which we say - “you’ve only been there eight months…” (2016), well to be fair everybody wants to make an impact, not everyone wants to work just to work, people want to do something in this world, and Millennials express that differently, in a lazy way. Also their parents are to blame because “You take this group of people and they graduate and they get a job and they’re thrust into the real world and in an instant they find out they are not special, their moms can’t get them a promotion, that you get nothing for coming in last and by the way you can’t just have it because you want it. In an instant, their entire self-image is shattered.” (2016). The quote above clearly shows that Millennials parents are the reason, and once you let these little people off into the world, after having their mother take care of everything, and they are let out into the world and they have no idea how to fend for …show more content…
So Millennials are accused of being entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, and lazy, and technology is to blame, I agree that technology has become too much, and maybe Millennials are the way they are because of technology. Sinek claims that Technology is the reason Millennials are lazy and narcissistic because “we are growing up in a Facebook/Instagram world, in other words, we are good at putting filters on things. We’re good at showing people that life is amazing even though I am depressed…”. (2016) I agree with Sinek about this generation growing up “in a Facebook\Instagram world “and on our accounts we look like we have a perfect life, but we are really actually depressed, and technology is the reason why this generation doesn’t know how to interact with people, and technology is the reason why we can’t have meaningful relationships. I have experience with technology, I know how to interact with people, I know how to have a meaningful relationship, I know how to be real human being. I might be a “digital Zombie” but at least I know how to be real human

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