Essay on Millennials : Are They Harmful Or Benefiting?

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Millennials: Are They Harmful or Benefitting? Living in America has many benefits for it’s citizens. Communication amongst Americans involve technology, in which individuals born from 1982-1999 excel in. Generation Y, also known as millennials, is being called out for being entitled, over-praised, and self-confident compared to the other generations. They are flooding the country and providing social advancements for the work force. Emily Matchar, author of Why Your Office Needs More Bratty Millennials, states that Generation Y individuals are changing up the game of the workforce and making the workplace adapt to them rather than adapting to the workplace. She includes statistics and scenarios to support her claim. The author asserts that United States employees are being tricked into working for less reward and that the wages have been stagnant for years. “While the richest Americans get richer, middle-class workers are left to do more with less” (Matchar 233). Matchar goes on by explaining how other generations should thank the millennials for their way of “rebelling” because the “modern workplace frankly stinks, and the changes wrought by Gen Y will be good for everybody” (Matchar 232). Most millennials are looked down upon due to their confidence and their expectations that they would be granted what they had asked for, but in the end, they are only making the workforce a better place for middle to low class individuals. The author concludes the article by stating…

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