Essay on Milk, A Common Household Staple

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Milk, a common household staple. Praised for its ability to build strong bones and muscles, as well as its perfect match with cookies. However, it is possible that milk is not what it is made out to be. People create information, the information then becomes fact because it is widely believed. Most likely because the source, or the person who created the information, is credible. However, just because something is widely believed does not make it true. For example, people used to think the world was flat, now we know that it is round (Smale 2003). People thought humans only use 10% of their brains, now we know each part of the brain has a different job (Boyd 2008). People used to think blood is blue until it is oxygenated by leaving the body, however we now know that blood is always being oxygenated (2015). Therefore, it is highly possible that milk is apart of this group as well. Milk is not a vital part to a human diet, nor is as healthy as consumers are led to believe due to its evolutionary displacement, influence on weight gain, adverse effects on bones, and level of contaminants. Milk is not essential to the human diet because it is an evolutionary displacement. The University of London published in the PLoS Computational Biology journal that humans did not start drinking milk until about 7,500 years ago when dairy farming communities began appearing in central Europe (2009). These people developed the ability to digest lactase and have passed the genes down through…

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