Military Suicides Essay

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3 March 2015
Informative Speech Outline
Title: Informative Speech
Main Idea: Suicides and the Military
Thesis Statement: At the end of my informative speech, my audience will know more about the Military Suicide Issue and how the number of military or veterans deaths by suicide has been increasing at an alarming rate, the common misconceptions about the possible reasons why current and former military members are taking their own lives and finally what is being done to try and resolve this issue. I. Introduction a. Attention-getter: Across the US there’s thousands upon thousands of members of an exclusive club that nobody wanted to join. I know it was a group I never wanted to join. We are known as Suicide Survivors, we are
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The soldiers at the greatest risk are not the ones that have served overseas, but are the soldiers who are stateside. d. Main idea 2: Stigma and Dismissal: v. Families are often discouraged when trying to advocate help for their loved ones. 3. One widow reported to TIME, Her husband’s commander said, “Honey, don’t worry, My first marriage was a wreck too.” When she continued to plead for help for her husband she was told, “Leslie . . . this just doesn’t sound like an Army issue to me, It sounds like a family issue” (Thompson). a. 7 Months later she received a suicide note via email and her husband hung himself at work (Thompson). 4. Halfway around the world an Army Captain tried to get help 6 times over the course of 3 days. He saw 3 doctors and tried the resiliency center, finally his wife had urged him to contact a 24/7 military hotline. 45 minutes later, “Still on Hold” was the last message he would ever send his wife (Thompson). 5. My story: vi. Warning signs are missed or unrecognizable: 6. An Air Force Times article reports an Army reserve colonel saying “I just had a soldier recently under my command commit suicide, He was actually seen two hours earlier by another member of his unit. Both had been through the Army Reserve Suicide Prevention Training Program. The colleague did not recognize anything that was out of the ordinary” (Kime). vii.

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