Military Service Of Transgender Service Members Essay

949 Words Oct 28th, 2016 4 Pages
As of 30 June 2016 the Defense Secretary put out a policy that allows transgender Soldiers to openly serve in the Armed forces. This policy was followed by a memorandum: Military Service of Transgender Service Members, the Commanders handbook for transgender policy implementation, guidance treatment of Gender Dysphoria for Active and Reserve Component Service Members, and DoD Instructions on In-Service Transition for Service Members identifying as Transgender. Currently there are between 4000 and 12000 on Active duty and Reserves. As leaders we need to adjust to a new era of soldiers and how they will affect the unit readiness and morale. A memorandum dated 30 June 2016 statement that the Policy of the Department of Defense states that anyone who meets the rigorous standards for military service and readiness will be able to serve in the Armed forces. The policy now allows Transgender individuals who meet those standards. Service member can no longer be separated based on their gender identity unless they fail to meet the standards that all service members are held to. If the Service member’s ability to serve is affected by the medical condition or treatment related to their gender identity they should be referred for medical treatment to determine if they are to be separated or retained for service. Gender dysphoria is a medical diagnosis that refers to distress that some transgender individuals experience due to a mismatch between their gender and their sex…

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