Military Ethical Delimmas Essay

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Assignment 1
Ethical Dilemmas

James Joesph
Professor Roger Ward
Military Studies Capstone
10 December 2011
Webster College

Throughout my military career I began to realize that the military as a whole was not the perfect organization I had envisioned, because it depended on human beings in order for it to operate then of course it would be flawed just as human beings are flawed. When you enter Initial Entry Training (IED) formally Basic Combat Training (BCT) this could not be fathomed, because we are taught that the regulations do not leave room for interpretations and the standards never change, which give the impression that there cannot be many, if any, grey area’s which would allow for human judgment to take place.
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The Air Force which is generally considered the most “easygoing” of the four services, has suffered through its own scandals throughout the years such as the “Air Force Academy sex scandal or the new Burial Scandal which has just recently been brought to our attention. The Marines of course have had to deal with the Camp Lejeune water contamination crisis and the former “Heavyweight Champion of the world” Riddick Bowe’s IET scandal among other things. At each of these times quiet jabs and unspoken barbs can be thrown among members of the different services within the Pentagon; however some seem to stay around longer than others and then reflect badly on a particular service.

The particular one that comes to mind for me is the Sex abuse scandal of the former Sergeants Major of the Army (SMA), Gene Mckinney. It was 1995, and I had been stationed at the Pentagon for a year in the Office of Army Chief of Staff (OCSA) which consisted at the time of the Vice Chief of Staff, the Director of the Army Staff which also housed the Sergeants Major of the Army, and the Director of Management’s office, all tolled about 50 personnel which included two 4-Star Generals, One 3-Star and one 1-Star General Officers and of course the SMA himself, I was the Security Manager of OCSA and my duties consisted of Managing the Security program of the Agency by accessing weaknesses in security, monitoring the Cyber, Physical and Information Security and

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