Military Differences Between The United States And Russia Essay

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A culture is the shared beliefs, customs, manners and social norms of a society. These different beliefs and social norms can often put a strain on international relations and even lead to war, making cultural awareness and understanding crucial. The U.S. Army developed a Contemporary Operational Environment (COE), which uses variables to gain a better understanding of a country’s culture and environment. Using these variables, this paper will discuss the cultural, political, and military differences between The United States and Russia that ultimately led to The Cold War and could possibly start a second. Throughout history, Russia and The United States’ relationship have been a tense one, lacking trust. “Like most cultures, it is important to have trust and a mutual relationship.” (Leibensperger, 2014). The Cold War Era took place from 1947 to 1991. Russia then known as The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R.) Was currently the largest country in the world, giving America an uneasy feeling. During this time, a generation celebrating the victory of World War II defined American culture. Americans “would add almost 80 million children to the nation’s role.” (Cold War Culture, N.D.). The American way of life was a democratic one that feared the wide spread of communism. American culture began to change when coming to the realization that intercontinental ballistic missiles were now in possession of a feared communist country, The U.S.S.R.…

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