Military Decision Making Process Paper

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Understanding the Military Making Process As a medic, I have been sent a FRAGO from the commander, stating that Flu Season is coming up. I am sure all medics are familiar with everything that comes to mind when you first see that email. Leaders know that we must start preparing and planning to vaccinate the unit. What training do personnel need? Where will we conduct our operations? Who will be involved? What risk factors do we face? All these questions and more can be solved using the military decision making process.
As leaders, it is important to understand how and when to use the military decision making process. The MDMP handbook (2011) states, “The military decision making process (MDMP) is an iterative planning methodology that integrates
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These steps provide the foundation and criteria for the COA through specified, implied, and essential tasks; composite risk management; assets; and focus on the commanders’ intent. A good tool to use in this step is METT-TC. The MDMP handbook (2011) further describes mission analysis as, “the method to clearly identify the problem and the tools available to solve the problem” (p.11). Now that leaders know the mission, it is their job to start gathering ideas and discussing them. Some examples faced in this process would be the medical NCOIC telling the medics to start their online flu season training, getting in touch with the Health Practice Nurses, writing down options of where to host vaccinations, and what challenges the unit may …show more content…
It involves the analysis of each COA. The MDMP handbook (2011) defines COA analysis (war-gaming) as, “a disciplined process, with rules and steps that attempt to visualize the flow of the operation given the force’s strengths and dispositions, enemy’s capabilities and possible COAs, impact and requirements of civilians in the area of operations (AO), and other aspects of the situation” (p.45). In other words, it determines which COA has minimal risk and will best allow the mission to be accomplished. War gaming is the process of leaders analyzing different COAs and bringing to attention things that others may have missed or never experienced. For example a leader may have more experience with the mission and COA and state that he did that before and it didn’t work because of this or that. It allows leaders to voice key variables. These can have disadvantages because some leaders just want to take the glory for their COA getting picked, rather than picking the one that is best for the solution. Step 5: Course of action

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