Military Cadences Essay

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Pop Cultural Elements of Military Cadences

"HUT, TWO, THREE, FOUR...HUT, TWO, THREE, FOUR..." What do a bunch of grunts calling out raunchy marching cadences have to do with pop culture? There's more to the cadence then just keeping soldiers in step, there is a deep sense of pride, patriotism, unity, motivation, and nostalgia, which can be found within these songs. The Military cadence is used to motivate, inspire, and foster company cohesiveness while keeping soldiers steps in time and hands down the rich oral traditions of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air force. The cadence is a song sung when marching or running and the songs require a caller, who normally sets the pace and leads the formation. Like robots, the
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They say that in the Army the chow mighty fine.
Who said that? They say that in the Army the chow mighty fine.
A chicken jumped off the table and started markin time!
They say that in the Army the pay mighty fine.
Who said that? They say that in the Army the pay mighty fine.
They give a hundred dollars and take back ninety-nine!


In the reading "Popular Music and the Civil Rights Movement" Reebee Garofalo, explains the socio phenomenon of how popular music in the civil rights movement was used as an indicator of socio-political struggle. The music raised consciousness through the changes in the lyrics content and energized activist of the movement's day-to-day political work. Cadence reflect the political views of the day songs about political leaders in which the US was at war with, Charlie in Vietnam, Saddam in the Gulf war, and now about Osama bin Laden, They are based on the premise of seeking and destroying the enemy and criticizing the administration that sent them to war.


Iraqi Blues
Send the troops before it's too late,
Saddam has invaded Kuwait
Grab your rifle and get a tan
You can scratch a rotation plan

President Bush was talkin' tough
We didn't know it would get that rough
Thought Saddam was a man of reason
Now we've got ‘em for rape and treason

America's become divided as such
They dont like that

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