Military As A Military Psychologist Essay

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Military psychologists cover a vast range of specializations to ensure success throughout all the military’s branches. A military psychologist has one of the most helpful and influential jobs to families and members of the military. Those affected psychologically due to the stress and anxiety of battle often need a specific type of psychologist to help cope with drastic past experiences. Families that have lost a sibling or loved one due to war often need a similar type of counseling to assist in enduring the struggles of losing a loved one. Military psychologists also contribute to many of the military’s selection processes, such as effective recruitment and leadership procedures. Strong relationships between personality traits and leadership performance call for a military psychologist who can construct tests to distinguish those with or without certain traits. Military psychologists carry a critical role in the psychology world by contributing to the members, families, and recruitment processes of the military. If I were to get a job as a military psychologist, it would consist of helping people and contributing to the military’s selection process.
Aspiring military psychologists often start their careers getting a bachelor’s degree in general psychology, clinical psychology, or counseling psychology (Military, n.d., What are the educational requirements to become a military psychologist?, para. 1). Afterwards, students must choose between getting their doctorate degree…

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